Veterinary General

53217 Hayes
Shelby Township, MI 48315


Our x-ray room contains a specialized veterinary digital x-ray machine.  The x-ray images are flashed on a screen immediately and then we know if the view is acceptable with out having to take the patient on and off the table.   The table top is special in that it moves forward and backward in addition to left and right this allows us to move the table to better fit the patient, instead of sliding the patient all over our table. This makes the experience for your pet more comfortable.

The lights in the x-ray room are on a dimmer switch, this allows us to adjust the lighting to better view any radiographs if the need should arise.  The digital x-ray images are stored on site and we also have a back up for them off site, thus insuring your pet's medical records are preserved.  We can send our radiographs to a veterinary radiologist for further evaluation if needed and sometimes receive a reply with in minutes.  This allows us to obtain a specialist opinion with out you ever having to leave our facility. 

Now we look at our surgical suite.