Veterinary General

53217 Hayes
Shelby Township, MI 48315


 Patty Thoel, Manager

  Patty joined the team at Veterinary General upon opening in 2007.  She has worked in the animal industry her entire life with over 20 years in Veterinary Management.  Her dedication to animal health stems from her belief that there is a special bond between people and their pets that enhances quality of life for each.

Residing in Harrison Township with her husband and children, Dave, Ashley, and Tanner, Patty has had many cats and dogs in her lifetime, all of which were rescued.  "I don't recall a time in my life when we didn't have a pet.  And I've never had to go out looking for one - they just seem to happen upon me!"  She currently shares her home with her Brussels Griffon mix, Toto, who has been described as anything but a dog, and her cats, Lily and Pea.  Her personal interests include RV camping, photography, scrap booking, cooking, family games as well as other family bonding.


Marcia Hensley, L.V.T.


Marcia has had a love of animals her entire life.  Her home, while growing up, was never without a beloved pet.  While in her junior year of high school, Marcia had the opportunity to attend a Veterinary Assistant Certification course through St. Clair Technological Center.  During the course Marcia was introduced to the Veterinary Technician program offered at Macomb Community College.  After graduating high school she attended the MCC Veterinary Technician course.  In 2001 Marcia graduated with an Associates Degree of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology and went on to become a Licensed Veterinary Technician (L.V.T.).  

During her career Marcia has worked in emergency and critical care as well as small animal general practice.  Marcia joined the team here at Veterinary General in March 2007.


Heather Hernandez, L.V.T.


Heather joined the staff at Veterinary General in April 2011.  A 2003 graduate of the Macomb Community College Veterinary Technician program, she is married with three daughters.  Heather stays active and enjoys numerous sports and hobbies such as volleyball, softball, kayaking, white-water rafting, camping, and hiking.  She has two dogs, D'Artagnan and Niobe, a kitty named Molly, and a hedgehog named Mr. Tibbs.

"I didn't know such a program existed," she said speaking of the Licensed Veterinary Technician course at MCC, "until I was looking for a new college major in the program guide."  Heather said she needed something non-mundane and filled with surprises and spontaneity to suit her personality.  "Entering this field was perfect for me because I love animals and I love my job!"


Natalie Clem, L.V.T.


Natalie joined the Veterinary General team in April of 2015.
She has been in the veterinary field since 2010, graduating
from Macomb Community College with an Associate of Applied
Science leading to her Veterinary Technician License. “I
originally planned to become a pastry chef,” she said of her
teenage years, “but my love for animals was ultimately the
deciding factor.” Natalie has never been without a pet in her
life and is a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady. She has
contemplated further education to specialize in surgery or
ultrasound in human medicine but that’s still just a thought
for the future.

 Her first baby, “Sophie”, was found outside when Natalie was 8 years old. Appearing to be about 2 weeks old, this little kitten fit nicely in the palm of her hand and has been wrapped
around her finger ever since! Besides Sophie, Natalie has two other kitties at home; “Charlie” and “Molly”.

Cathryn Fields, B.S., L.V.T. 



      Cathryn has loved dogs all of her life.  Growing up, her family was never withour one.  While in college she adopted her first pets, who found their way into the clinic.  Currently Cathryn shares her life with Locke, a German Shepherd Dog, and Indie, a Border Collie Mix, and two turtles, Tessa and Beakly.  

     Cathryn earned her Bacheolor's Degree in Biology in 2003 from Eastern Michigan University.  Working as a veterinary assistant since 2001, she left the veterinary field briefly, to work at Walt Disney World.  However she found she missed working in veterinary medicine.  Cathryn graduated from the Macomb Community College's Veterinary Technician program in the Fall of 2013.  

Julie Pepples, L.V.T




      While growing up, Julie always had pets in her life.  When she was 8 years old, she adopted her first cat.  "I knew at that moment, veterinary medicine would be my career path."  Julie fulfilled her dream and became a veterinary technician in 1994.  She attended Foothill College in Los Altos, California before moving to Michigan.  

     Julie is a single mom, with 2 teenage daughters.  They share their house with their Schnoodle, Mariah, 2 cats, reptiles, a cockatiel, and a rabbit.  



 Gail McCabe, Receptionist


         Gail has been working in the animal health field for over 15 years. Her passion for animals began as a child with an extreme fascination with wolves. “I guess you could say I wanted to be Mowgli!”

             Gail recently moved back to her hometown of Harrison Township where she resides with her wonderful pit bull, Lou. “I am fortunate to be reunited with staff that I’ve worked with in the past and it feels like I’m home again!”

When asked why she never pursued an education in animal medicine (L.V.T.), Gail replies, “I am a receptionist because I truly enjoy the pet owners as much as I enjoy their pets. I prefer to be at the front desk where I have time to laugh, shed a tear, give comfort, and educate the client.”