Veterinary General

53217 Hayes
Shelby Township, MI 48315


We have a state-of-the-art dental area.  Our In house pre-anesthetic laboratory testing will alert us to any issues that need to be addressed before the procedure. While we provide general anesthesia your pet's airway will be protected with a breathing tube and your pets vital signs will be assessed by our staff constantly and your pet will also be monitored with an EKG, provided with heat support and IV fluid therapy.

Our digital dental x-ray unit will allow to more completely evaluate your pet's dental health care needs in a much faster fashion (the x-ray image is immediately displayed on a monitor upon taking the picture no more old fashion dip-tanks and messy time consuming x-ray film developing).  Our Dental unit has an ultrasonic scaler, a high and low speed drill and distilled water provides constant flushing of the teeth to prevent nerve and root damage of the teeth from over heating.  The mouth is photographed and the condition of the teeth are recorded, then they are scaled to remove any tarter and then we also clean above the gum line by hand , then the teeth are polished.  Any extractions can be done a time also. A post cleaning photo is also taken. 

Upon discharge from the hospital our staff will educate you on how to help your pet keep good dental health.  For the next stop on our tour we look at Radiology.