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The Complete Dental Prophylaxis

Dental care is often the part of our pet's health care regimen that gets overlooked the most, however periodontal disease is the most commonly diagnosed disease in dogs and cats (as high as 85% in dogs over 4 years of age).  Periodontal disease can be classified into 4 stages, gingivitis, early, moderate and advance periodontal disease.  Below we show you:    

How we go from this..........


To this!


Dental Cleaning

Our dental program includes a 13 step comprehensive prophylactic teeth cleaning.  We start with calculus removal above and below the gumline using an ultrasonic scaler just like they use at your dentist office. 


Hand instrumentation is also used to remove any small areas of tartar missed by the ultrasonic scaler.  A thorough exam is performed once the teeth are cleaned. Each tooth is probed for periodontal pockets and recorded in the dental chart.  Any enamel defects, fractured or discolored teeth are also recorded along with any other pathology found.



Digital oral radiology is used to complete the oral exam to assess the teeth and bone structure beneath the gumline.  If periodontal disease is found, it is treated at this time.  Early detection of pathology allows us to treat  and prevent the disease from progressing further.  This is important in preventing pain, infection and eventually tooth loss for your pet. 


The finishing step is a thorough polishing and fluoride treatment.


Preventative home care is the key to keeping the teeth clean and healthy.  Plaque starts to form within hours of a thorough cleaning.  Ask us about the right products for your pet.